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Sunday Afternoon Jam - July 17

Performer: Sheboygan Light Rail
When: July 17 - 17, 2016
Time: 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Our patio is the perfect place to hang out on Sunday afternoons this year!  Imagine sitting back on a beautiful afternoon, enjoying wine or other spirits, not cooking because we will do it for you and then top it off with our brand new Sunday Afternoon Patio Jam.  Every Sunday we will be featuring some great live music from 1:00 - 5:00.   Make sure to check out our new expanded patio food menu. 

Last August, Sheboygan Light Rail graced our gazebo stage and thanks to extreme weather, we had to bring them into the Winery to finish their performance.  We were blown away by their indoor acoustic performance!  We decided to have them back to The Blind Horse several times this year because they are a band that we think everyone should see.

Sheboygan Light Rail formed in 2005 in Marie Hetzel's  garage when her lifelong love of vocal harmony found its voice. After a few "front porch" tours, they ventured into the coffee house circuit, playing gigs throughout their little area of the Midwest. Soon they had groupies (or, as one fan put it, "Rail Heads"), posters were printed, and T-shirts were made (featuring their first critique, "They don't suck"). If you haven't heard Sheboygan Light Rail yet — or if you're a seasoned groupie — we'd love to see you at a show.

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